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60V/34Ah Lithium Battery pack 26000-YQ2A-0800

60V/34Ah Lithium Battery pack 26000-YQ2A-0800

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60V/34Ah Lithium Battery pack


16s 11p made from high quality Panasonic PF Cells
Advanced smart BMS for the ultimate in reliability and protection
Accurate state of charge meter on the battery
Aluminum enclosure protects your cells from shock, vibration and repels water
90amps max continuous output (BMS limited)
20 pounds
This pack was special made for us by Sur-ron the maker of the MX Dirt bike, one of the most advanced electric vehicles we have seen out of China.  
This will work as an extra battery in our 60v light bee, both the MX and X versions.
The engineering and construction quality of this pack is something like we have never seen in an ebike battery pack before. 


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